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Face Shield

Original Series

Screw holding screwdrivers has been at the center of Quick-Wedge business since 1952. Our tradition of manufacturing quality split blade screwdrivers located right here in the USA is focused on quality just as it was over 50 years ago. Tight spaces like electrical terminals, engine bays and anywhere else where fasteners are used in enclosed areas, Quick-Wedge holds screws limiting frustration and saving time.


Industrial laborers and mechanics working under hazardous conditions require specialty products that provide the qualities of safety as well as functionality and reliability. The hazardous conditions can come from something as simple as a tiny spark from the screwdriver in their hand. Quick-Wedge is one of the leading suppliers of non-sparking screwdrivers, screw holding screwdrivers and safety tools.

1000 Volt Tools

Our F1505-01 certified insulated tools and screwdrivers by Quick-Wedge will protect electricians from up to 1000 Volts of electricity. Made from the highest quality materials for over fifty years, electricians and professionals have trusted their professions to Quick-Wedge. Used in electrical work everywhere – from commercial to residential applications worldwide, the pros trust Quick-Wedge tools.

How It Works


Steel Blades

With a double-split blade and powerful wedge-type action our screwdriver takes a positive grip inside the screw slot reaching tight spaces not much larger than the screw head itself. 

Sliding Mechanism

Our unique vinyl sliding mechanism makes it easy to secure the screw in any size and in any tight spot. It gives you another set of hands.

Ergonomic Handles

Well suited for repeated use these handles are comfortable to hold and made from unbreakable tenite. Overmolded with a black grip so that it stays firm in your hand.

Sales Items

Browse our collection of screw holding screwdrivers, non-sparking safety tools, and insulated tools that are on sale today.


Exclusively Manufactured with J&M Innovative Products

     J & M was established in 1989 and has been a leader in turnkey manufacturing for the past 25 years. Our team is skilled in helping our manufacturing partners meet their expectations and speed to market.  Every customer at J & M is our partner and your project is our future. We have been doing business for major companies in several different industries including but not limited to Archery, Sports, Athletic Flooring and Surfacing, Prosthetics, Golf, Fishing, and various other industries.

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